ricette con avocado



Wherever you want to put this prodigious fruit with multiple benefits, your dishes will not be able to do anything but become not only tastier, but above all, healthier. Its main characteristic is that of being a fantastic substitute for oil and butter, but also for eggs. We used it for our sweet sandwiches and to create a very creamy and very green mayonnaise . But today I want to create with you a menu solely dedicated to avocado. You are ready? Let's begin !


An avocado Shallot Chili pepper to taste Lemon juice (whole) Datterino tomato Bread


This appetizer with avocado is very simple to make, in fact you just need to take our mixer and blend a washed and peeled avocado, the shallot, the chilli pepper, the lemon juice and the datterino tomatoes ( 1-2 ) and you're done . Mix until you obtain a smooth and easy-to-spread mixture. At this point, toast the bread on the grill or directly in the oven and you are ready to make these delicious and quick bruschettas. And if you want to make your bruschetta more Sicilian, add a raw shrimp (possibly the red Marsala shrimp) so you have an explosion of land and sea in your mouth. But if you're not a fish lover, don't worry, I've thought of you too. Add some Modica chocolate flakes and feel all of Sicily in its aromas and flavors. recipes with avocado


Long or short pasta (if we want we can make the fresh one with avocado ) Mint Basil Chives Shallot Chili Black pepper to taste Parsley Parsley A couple of drops of lemon Almonds, about ten Cheese (ragusano or primo sale pecorino)


And now let's move on to the first, where obviously our tropical but Sicilian friend will not be missing. Even in Sicilian cuisine we use many spices, this is because the Arabs conquered us in the past and their traditions are still handed down, obviously with the necessary modifications over time. What to do to make this fresh dish? recipes with avocado Put everything in the blender and create the perfect dressing ( 3-4 ). If you choose a type of short pasta, this first course is also delicious cold, but not only that, you can add some raw cherry tomatoes if you want. Read also : Sicilian almond pastes. Flavia.
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