Ricette con l'avocado



There are millions of recipes with avocado and in recent weeks we have indulged in using it in the most traditional dishes, to the point of revisiting every little detail. (video) We know how much it is an ally in the kitchen, especially in the absence of eggs, butter and oil and for this very reason I decided to make it the undisputed protagonist, offering you some versions of simple and quick dishes that you can make either as a snack, snack or appetizer and why not ...even breakfast! So, avocado in hand and let's get started!


Have you ever tried eating avocado with jam? For this recipe you need a slice of bread, but a toast or biscuit is also fine. We spread the avocado and put our favorite jam. Recipes with avocado Personally, I love and recommend the lemon or orange one.


You read that right, no tricks. Take the avocado, cut it in two, remove the bone and put a pinch of salt on it. Recipes with avocado You can eat it exactly like this, immediately feeling its delicate and fragrant taste. However, if you don't like this variant (loved by true enthusiasts), add a few drops of lemon, a drizzle of oil and a pinch of black pepper. And now, taste it ! You will feel what a wonder and explosion of flavors.


This last recipe is my favorite. First we cut our avocado into cubes. Then, let's take a salad tomato and some tuna fillets. We season our salad with chives, oil and salt, but if we love spicy, let's not forget the black pepper and chilli pepper. Recipes with avocado These spices make our dish even tastier, giving it a decidedly more interesting note to the usual salad. Don't you want to eat it too? The colors and scents already make my mouth water. Now, all you need to do is reproduce one of the three dishes and...bon appetit! Read also : Avocado sandwiches. Avocado mayonnaise. Flavia
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