grafica con regalo originale festa della mamma

Original gift for Mother's Day? Here are 7 ideas

The month of May has arrived and brings with it among the beautiful things, the colors of nature and a noteworthy anniversary: ​​Mother's Day, which not even the coronavirus pandemic can cancel. What original gift should we give to our source of unconditional love? Find out in this article.

Mother's Day is looming on May 10th and, if in the list of gifts you have drawn up you have noticed that no one has the right amount of genius, instead of panicking, the wisest solution is to carve out some time and look for the object that most of all must be able to demonstrate our love and affection and arouse amazement. Don't worry, because there are original and why not, "delicious" gifts, to be given not only in person but also to be sent remotely, with which you can tell her: "I love you"

How Mother's Day was born

Mother's Day has very ancient origins, but the celebrations always take place on the second Sunday of May at the height of the spring season; this is because the Greeks and Romans celebrated the mother of all the gods in this period, comparing the flowers to the fertile and procreative woman. The celebration, as we understand it today, dates back to 1958, after the approval of the proposal to institutionalize the festival.

How to choose the right gift

Beautiful but not useless, precious but not too expensive, impactful and never banal; there are many doubts and perplexities that pop into our minds when purchasing the perfect gift, for this reason, before deciding which one to package we need to have a clear understanding of our mother's tastes, passions, hobbies and personality: from the reader inveterate to the expert cook, to the green thumb to the sportswoman and lover of technology. Once you understand the tastes you can venture into the vast choice of products available on the market.

Which original gift to choose for Mother's Day

Among the gifts that immediately come to mind to show her our love, there are the evergreens: the classic flowers, plants or chocolates; if instead your goal is to arouse a "wow" effect on your mother's face with an original gift, e-commerce lends itself as a valid help in finding ideas that can be right for us. Among the most particular ones are: -A kit for growing vegetables and indoor gardening -A photo album which, from a simple closed box, transforms into a showcase containing 100 photos -An Audiobook subscription to listen to much-loved readings and discover new ones -A notebook where you can write down all the logins of your social and non-social accounts that you often struggle to remember -A poem or letter to remind her how special she is to us

In addition to these ideas, there are two others which, in these days of distance due to the coronavirus pandemic, are the best way to express all the love and physical closeness that has been missing a bit: a dinner/lunch underwear or a journey made of special flavors to be sent directly from home. With our products from Val di Noto , it will be like taking a beautiful excursion through the fields of Sicily. A regenerating holiday moment to be enjoyed at the table with products grown with passion and processed, all on our online shop with the May promotion: a free jar of Star ruby ​​pink grapefruit jam with a spend of at least 50 euros.

An original gift, to be personalized with your favorite products, which we will send as a long-distance gift or to celebrate moments of taste and sweetness together. From the aperitif, to the side dish, to an exceptional first course with a rich sauce up to the sweetness of honey and jams for impressive cakes, your dishes will give that warmth and love that mother has always brought into our lives, because "mum is always mum

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