i benefici delle fette di pompelmo rosa

Pink grapefruit: the 7 benefits of a dietary citrus fruit

An intense color and a sweeter flavor than the traditional one make pink grapefruit a unique and healthy citrus fruit, thanks to its multiple health benefits. Curious to find out what they are? We reveal 7 of them to you

The days of forced stop due to the coronavirus emergency have made sofas, armchairs and comfortable beds in which to dedicate ourselves to work and leisure more fascinating to our eyes; and without realizing it, having returned to partial normality, we saw our physique changed, also thanks to a poorly cared for diet. In this case, sport is a valid remedy for extra pounds, but there are also natural allies capable of accelerating our metabolism. We want to talk to you especially about one: pink grapefruit. Born from the union between normal grapefruit and orange, with a sweeter and seedless juice than its yellow cousin, it is rich in vitamins A, B, C and mineral salts, whose benefits are recognized throughout the world.

When and where pink grapefruit blooms

The flowering month of pink grapefruit occurs in late spring until it reaches its maximum in summer with large fragrant bunches of flowers; in Italy the most widespread crops are especially in Sicily with the Star ruby ​​variety with its characteristic red pulp, smooth and thin skin, introduced in the 70s on the island and whose tree can reach up to 10 meters in height as the fruits ripen between November and April.

The benefits of pink grapefruit

The antioxidant power of pink grapefruit, greater than the traditional one, is just one of the benefits of this citrus fruit, also beneficial for: - Cholesterol , because it normalizes the ratio between good and bad cholesterol and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases - A detoxifying diet helps to remove waste in the body while also carrying out a cleansing action for the liver - Sports activity produces an energizing effect with its sugar intake - The kidneys , as it helps counteract the formation of stones - The immune system, made stronger by the attack of viruses and bacteria - Cellulite , because it stimulates microcirculation and eliminates adipose tissue - Weight helps counteract extra pounds, if eaten after meals and in combination with a healthy diet

How to use pink grapefruit rich in benefits

Pink grapefruit should be eaten not only in segments, but can also be used in the kitchen as a substitute for other citrus fruits for fish-based recipes, salads, risottos, but also for juices, cocktails, smoothies and desserts, to which it will give character, with its sour taste. And if you really can't resist a moment of sweetness without feeling guilty, there is our Star Ruby pink grapefruit jam , cooked at low temperature using both the juice and the peel of the citrus fruit, used as a natural thickener, and organic cane sugar which gives it the right note of sweetness without added fat.

On bread for a healthy snack, on cheeses for a tasty aperitif or to fill croissants and tarts for your family breakfasts and Sunday lunches, a jar with the color and flavor of Sicily awaits you for free throughout the month of May, with a minimum spend of 50 euros on products from the Sicilian land, grown in the Val di Noto .

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