le paste di mandorle siciliane



Today I'll take you to our Val di Noto, in Sicily. There are many typical dishes of this land, but in today's recipe I want to tell you about and serve Sicilian almond pastries on your table. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulJxJCktW2I Maybe some of you know them, but these little sweets are the sin of gluttony for those who love almonds and want to garnish them to their liking. You are ready? Let's begin !


500 g. of almond flour. 500 g . of sugar. The peel of a lemon or orange. 3 egg whites.


I take the almond flour already created by a professional machine, while the homemade one has a very long and delicate process, which requires its time. The beauty of this flour lies precisely in its countless benefits , including:
  1. It is gluten free.
  2. Source of vegetable proteins.
  3. Contains magnesium and iron.
  4. It has good fats.
  5. Helps reduce cholesterol.
  6. Keeps blood sugar at bay.
  7. It is a mix of energy for the body.
And these are just 7 of the benefits it has , but, returning to our almond pastries, now comes the best part. Take a bowl and mix the flour, sugar, three egg whites and lemon or orange peel. Sicilian almond pastes At this point, the result obtained will be a compact but soft dough. Now, work the sweets into the shape you prefer, dust them with icing sugar, garnish with the almond in the center and bake at 180° for 15 minutes . Once cooked, let them cool and... taste ! Be careful not to overcook them or you risk them not being soft enough on the inside.


They can be stored at room temperature for about a week, even in a plastic bag, but never freeze them. Read also : Avocado sandwiches. Avocado mayonnaise. Flavia.
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