Focaccia morbida



We have all eaten soft focaccia at least once in our lives. With or without filling, this soft and bubbly dough is recognizable by its crunchy edge and its thousand uses in the kitchen, from a snack for the little ones, to an appetizer, to accompanying our lunches and dinners. Whether you want to include some seasonings in the dough or not, you can't help but have this soft focaccia among your recipes, especially if it's ours, typically made in the South. Are you ready? Let's begin !


300 g. of flour including 200 re-milled and 100 00 type 200 g. of water 3 g. of yeast 25 g. of sex tomato 30 g. of olives 20 g. of fresh spring onion 1 teaspoon honey


Place the flour in a bowl and mix to oxygenate it, adding the water little by little. We knead for about 5 minutes and when the flour is completely bound to the water we let it rest for 15 minutes. This step is called autolysis. In the meantime, while the dough is resting, we begin to cut the dried cherry tomatoes, the onion and the olives. Soft focaccia Then we take our dough again and slowly add the remaining water, little by little, adding the yeast, the teaspoon of honey, the dried cherry tomato, the olives and the fresh spring onion. We knead vigorously. Soft focaccia If we can, we can add more water based on how our dough looks. Each flour has its own strength and you can add more or less water. Once the dough is ready we give it the famous folds of strength and let it rest. After half an hour I give another strength push-up and I also do it after another half hour has passed, in total two strength push-ups and one half an hour apart. Now let's let our dough rest for two hours in bulk. After two hours we can oil our pan and put the dough, spreading it with our hands. Add the oil, oregano and diced cheese (I used fresh pecorino), your favourite. Now we bake for 15 minutes at 200° in a static oven. Soft focaccia Every now and then we take a look at our stuffed focaccia and if necessary we can reduce the oven degrees and continue cooking. Once cooked, you're done. And voilà! Our soft focaccia is ready. We have a good stuffed focaccia that can replace a meal in all respects or can replace bread to accompany our meals. Flavia. Read also : Sandwiches with avocado. Recipes with avocado. Biscuits with olive oil.
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