tortino al cioccolato e mandorla



Today's recipe is a hymn to what we love most: chocolate and almond cake. A quick, easy and simple dessert to make. In fact, it only takes a few minutes of cooking and its long preservation is the solution and lifesaver for lunches, dinners, unexpected guests or even better, for the refined palates of children. Having it always ready in the freezer and being able to cook it without waiting for it to defrost is like having an ace up your sleeve always at hand and above all, for any occasion. Whether you are euphoric, bored, busy, sad, happy or simply denied with sweets, this cake with a soft heart will become a recipe you will no longer be able to do without. Then, the perfect and beneficial combination of almonds and chocolate, given its multiple properties, is suitable for both adults and children. You are ready? Let's begin !


200 g. of dark chocolate. 150 g. of EVO oil. 100 g. of icing sugar or sugar. 25 g. of bitter cocoa. 70 g. of almond flour. 3 whole eggs . Half an orange or lemon peel . A pinch of salt (1 g).


The almond heart is not at all difficult to make, as the only attention is to the oven. You need to know the temperatures and, if necessary, modify the cooking times and degrees indicated by me at the end of the article. Melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie or in the microwave. chocolate and almond cake Meanwhile, in another bowl, insert the eggs, sugar and mix, gradually incorporating the almond flour, persimmon, salt and half an orange or lemon peel. chocolate and almond cake We add the oil in two phases and mix everything well, before adding the previously melted chocolate. chocolate and almond cake At this point we take our molds and oil them well. A little tip: let's also give the molds a dusting of almond flour to prevent them from sticking to the container. Now comes the fun part! We fill the molds up to half, slightly more and let them rest in the fridge for a couple of hours, or we can freeze them for 12 hours and then cook them directly frozen at 180° in a fan oven for 10, maximum 12 minutes. chocolate and almond cake And voilà! Our almond heart is ready to be plated and eaten. If you want, you can accompany it with a custard or ricotta cream, but why not, given the arrival of summer, also with a scoop of almond ice cream, just to stay on topic. If you love jams, a spoonful of jam is the ideal accompaniment to this very sweet and soft cake. In this period we are making our orange, lemon and grapefruit jams and their freshness is so inviting that we have combined the mandarin one. Ps. With these doses you can prepare 6, maximum 8 almond tarts.


The almond heart can be kept in the freezer and eaten whenever we like. Read also : Sicilian almond pastes. Flavia.
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