Biscotti con olio di oliva



Olive oil biscuits are made with a fantastic shortcrust pastry without butter. A healthy alternative, but without giving up the goodness of shortcrust pastry. In addition to being good as they are, these biscuits are fantastic toppings for our tarts. In fact, by decorating the surface of our desserts, we can create real culinary works of art. Perfect to be accompanied with jams, the recipe for these biscuits will immediately fit into your cookbook. You are ready? Let's begin !


250g. of 00 flour 50g. of almond flour 100 g. of sugar 130 g. of olive oil A pinch of salt The peel of a lemon or orange 2 eggs A little cold water for kneading


Biscuits with olive oil are not difficult to prepare, in fact, the first thing to do is to create a fountain with 00 flour and almond flour. Biscuits with olive oil At this point we add the sugar, salt and eggs, one by one. We insert the peels last, and then mix everything vigorously with a fork. Biscuits with olive oil Our dough is ready! We let it rest for half an hour in the fridge, wrapped in cling film. Biscuits with olive oil After letting it rest in the fridge, we roll out our dough and line a tart container. Baking paper and insert our dough, piercing it with a fork. With the remaining dough we make our sweet biscuits. Biscuits with olive oil Once baked at 180° for 20' and then left to cool, we can decide whether to dip them in milk, for breakfast or directly to accompany with coffee. And why not, even as a snack. And voilà! Our tart with orange jam and biscuits to garnish it are ready to be eaten.


Our tart can be stored in a dry place or in the fridge for 3 days, while our biscuits can be stored in a dry, cool place for up to two days. Flavia. Read also : Sicilian almond pastes.
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