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Online shopping: the 5 essential categories in the pantry

Shopping online for a healthy diet at home can prove to be a useful decision these days and, thanks to our advice on the categories of products to always keep in the pantry, you will see that choosing the right ones will be child's play.

The days spent at home due to an unexpected and forced break have become very long and going out to do the shopping can lead to equally long waits. One solution is e-commerce which, with their vast choice of products and home delivery, allows us to save time and stay at home. Therefore, what you need is to make yourself comfortable, smartphone, PC or tablet in hand and start with the foods that should not be missing in the pantry.

1 Canned or glass food, a must on the online shopping list

In our online shopping list for a well-equipped pantry together with: sugar, salt, a good extra virgin olive oil and eggs, the classic canned food cannot be missing. A versatile category and the most used during meals of the day to season, enhance dishes with flavor or simply provide the right nutritional intake we need. Among these are:

2 Carbohydrates, energy allies in our pantry

Other life companions and necessary elements in our diet are carbohydrates, the best-selling category on e-commerce, which guarantees an extra edge and a pinch of good humor in moments of discouragement:
  • The pasta
  • Rice
  • Potatoes
  • Rusks
  • Cereals
For lovers of homemade pasta, pizza and bread, in a respectable pantry, flour and brewer's yeast cannot be missing.

3 Dairy products, source of proteins and calcium

An important help on days off from the gym are dairy products: milk, cheese, yogurt, silent allies for our bones.

4 Fruit and vegetables, the anti-cancer essentials when shopping online

A good assortment of seasonal fruit and vegetables is another indispensable element for a healthy diet, and the online shops of farms are a precious means from which you can order farm products and receive them directly at home. Onions, garlic, carrots, celery, apples, pears, bananas and many others guarantee a supply of fibre, vitamins, mineral salts and anti-tumor properties. To appease moments of sudden hunger, however, you can opt for dried fruit: almonds, walnuts and pistachios.

5 When the desire for sweets calls, e-commerce companies are ready to respond

Choosing to shop online does not reduce the risk of buying junk food and hunger-killing snacks rich in saturated fats; However, it is possible to avoid falling into the trap of harmful food at all hours of the day, you just need to prefer: To be enjoyed on a slice of bread, directly from the spoon or to cook delicious healthy homemade recipes, which will immediately give you a sense of satisfaction and joy. Finding them on e-commerce is simple, always paying attention to prefer quality products, without preservatives and additives. Therefore, if previously the problem was messy meals outside the home, now we can use the days available to take care of our diet and that of our loved ones; indispensable, however, is the purchasing phase of the products which, even on online shops, must always be prudent and responsible.

And, even when online shopping seems difficult or demanding, we will take care of reaching you with our typical products to order comfortably from the sofa on our online shop and to receive directly to your home.

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