dalla terra bistrot

From Busulmona to Dalla Terra, our line of preserves

2018 is the year of change for our family.

After the big step of the new Busulmona logo we decided to also innovate our youngest adventure, the "refreshment point with Vendicari around" Dalla Terra Bistrot.

The parents' job is to give way to their children when they are ready, the same happened with our company. From “ Busulmona ” the name of the label of our line of preserves changes to “ Dalla Terra ”.

Busulmona is the mother house, the land we cultivate, the farmhouse for hospitality, the head that generates ideas and the laboratory where we experiment.

Dalla Terra Bistrot was born from the desire to bring Sicilian flavors to tourists in one of the most enchanting places in our territory.

A public that, with the choice to visit Vendicari , instead of equipped or fashionable beaches, feels close to us in terms of food and environmental values ​​and choices.

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