Avocado, il nuovo protagonista delle tue ricette

Avocado, the new protagonist of your recipes

It is the fruit originally from Mexico which has recently found fertile ground also in southern Italy and which is becoming much loved by expert and less expert women in the kitchen thanks to its incredible versatility. Let's discover all the tricks to use it best in the kitchen and conquer even the littlest ones.

Avocado is an extraordinary fruit but for many it is a difficult fruit to clean. Follow these few steps and you will see that it is actually very simple. So let's see how to clean an avocado.

How to clean avocado in 5 simple steps:

  1. take your avocado and wash the peel under running water;
  2. let it drain or absorb the excess water with a clean cloth;
  3. place the fruit on a clean cutting board and with a nice sharp knife cut the fruit in half; If while you are cutting you feel some resistance and therefore it means that you have reached the stone, but don't worry, if the avocado is ripe, the knife blade will easily be able to go beyond it;
  4. then divide the fruit into two halves and remove the stone, with a knife or more easily with a spoon;
  5. do the same operation with the avocado pulp: let the spoon slide between the pulp and the peel to separate the two parts of the fruit.
Once you have obtained the pulp of the fruit, all you have to do is cut it into slices and serve.

How to season avocado: kitchen tricks

There are many recipes that can be created with the rich avocado pulp and you are truly spoiled for choice between savory and sweet dishes. Among the infinite preparations that involve the use of raw fruit there is Guacamole , a delicious sauce, perfect for spicy lovers, ready in just 10 minutes. To make it you will need: a ripe avocado , the juice of a lime, 50 g of onion, chilli pepper (green or red, it depends on you), salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Just mix all the ingredients together and your sauce is ready to be served. Avocado, however, is also an excellent condiment for salads with tomato and tuna, or in combination with fried eggs or as a condiment for cold pasta to easily take to the office. And it doesn't end here! Have you ever tried fried avocado ? A quick recipe that you can make by breading the avocado slices with breadcrumbs and frying them for a few moments: the result will be a tasty aperitif to eat accompanied by classic sauces such as mayonnaise. If you don't lack imagination in the kitchen , try using it instead of butter for your sweet recipes or make creative bruschetta by adding avocado among the ingredients: the flavor will amaze you.

Avocado directly to your home

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