The flavors of Vendicari

Busulmona is the meeting point that brings out all the “cultinary” ideas, where the union between the culture of good food and Sicilian tradition takes place, in a single and unforgettable place.


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Scaletta dei sapori
9 Finger Food
(Patè of green olives, Patè of black olives, Cherry tomatoes dried, Artichokes, Tuna, Caponata of eggplant, Toasted Almond, Honey Marmellade, Reccomended Drink: Glass of Winea)
€ 12,00

Ricette con l'avocado


Pane Condito Il Marianelli
(Olio evo DOP, 1/2 tuna fish, Salt, 1/2 dried cherry)
€ 6,00

Pane Condito Eloro
(Olio evo DOP, Origano, Salt, 1/2 dried cherry, 1/2 artichoke)
€ 6,00

Pane Condito Busulmona
(Olio evo DOP,  Oregano, Salt, 1/2 Cherry tomatoes dried, 1/2 Patè of black Olives)
€ 4,00

Pane Condito Calamosche
(Olio evo DOP,  Oregano, Salt, 1/2 Patè of green olives, 1/2 Patè of black olives)
€ 4,00

Pane Condito Vegetariano
(Olio evo DOP,  Oregano, Salt, 1/2 Cherry tomatoes dried, 1/2 Patè of green olives)
€ 4,00

Pane Condito Vinnicari
(Olio evo DOP,  Oregano, Salt, 1/2 Tuna, 1/2Artichokes)
€ 6,00

Pane Condito Tonnara
(Olio evo DOP,  Oregano, Salt, 1/2 Caponata, 1/2 Tuna)
€ 7,00

Pane Condito Roveto
(Olio evo DOP,  Oregano, Salt, 1/2 Caponata, 1/2 Artichokes)
€ 7,00

Sweet Stuffed Bread
(Citrus Marmelade or Honey)
€ 3,50


Ricette con l'avocado
Uh Schietto
(Olio evo Dop Busulmona, Oregano e Salt)
€ 3,50

Il Pachino
(Olio evo Dop, oregano, salt e dried cherry)
€ 4,00

Il tropico Sicialiano
(Olio evo Dop, oregano, salt, avocado cream,tuna, dried cherry and toasted almonds)
€ 10,00

Il torre Sveva
(Olio evo Dop orgiano, oregano, salt and tuna fillets)
€ 6,00

(Glass of wine or other drink, Toasted Almond, green and black olives)
€ 6,00

Aperitif Plus
(Glass of wine or other drink, 5 finger food, Seasoned Bread)
€ 8,00

Rise Salad
(Rise, Olio evo Dop, Olives, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes dried, Arthichokes, Cappers)
€ 6,50

Green Salad
(Green Salad, Carrots Fresh Tomatoes, Olio evo Dop, Salt)
€ 5,00

Granita lemon and tangerine

€ 3,00

Granita avocado

€ 4,00

Topped – Brioche

€ 2,00

Almond Milk

€ 2,50


€ 1,00

Blonde Beer

€ 3,50

Orange Juice BIO

€ 2,50

Glass of Wine

€ 4,00

Sicilian Drink

€ 2,50

Water of 0,50

€ 1,00

Sicilian Blonde Beer

€ 4,00